Alli-C has the power of 35 cloves of garlic whereas other garlic products don’t actually have stabilized garlic, they just create the opportunity for your body to create it itself. By using our product daily you can reduce your chances of getting the common cold as well as the flu and lower cholesterol- just as a few benefits.

“Throughout history it has been recognized that garlic has potential to assist the immune system in a number of ways beneficial to our health.  Until recently, however the question has remained, ‘how could we harness the special powers that the herb has long been suspected of possessing?’

Only recently decades after allicin was first identified in the laboratory, has it been possible to produce a stabilized form on a commercial scale. A team of chemists and chemical process engineers have pioneered and patented the unique process of water-based extraction and freeze-drying that made this possible.”

-an excerpt from Allicin The Heart of Garlic Nature’s Aid to Healing the Human Body
Dr. Peter Josling Director of the Garlic Information Centre

Alli-C Compared to Other Garlic Products

Product Name Allicin Yield per Serving Contains Vitamin C with Citrus Bioflavonoids?
Alli-C 300.0 mg YES
Pure Gar* 10.0 mg* NO
Garlimax* 5.5 mg* NO
Garlique* 5.0 mg* NO
Garlic Powder* 3.0 mg* NO
Kwai* 1.8 mg* NO
Kyolic* No claim* NO
*There is no real Allicin in these Garlic supplements. The Allicin contents listed are tiny theoretical yields based on each product’s potential to create Allicin in the body. These proeducts thus provide little to no health benefit to consumers.