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Garlic Wise is a 20 year old family owned company.  We sell products made from stabilized Allicin taken from fresh Garlic.

These products were formulated by England’s Doctor Peter Josling.

Compare Alli-C

This product may make all other garlic products obsolete! Each Alli-C capsule provides 300 mg of, stabilized Allicin from Garlic along with 60 mg of Vitamin C and 40 mg of citrus bioflavonoids.

The stabilized Allicin in Alli-C is the strongest and safest natural antibiotic known to man.

Alli-C may kill types of disease-causing bacteria in you, your family and your pets without harming any friendly bacteria or causing negative side-effects.

The normal maintenance dose of Alli-C for an adult is one capsule per day, but higher amounts may be safely taken for therapeutic purposes.

About Us

GarlicWise is an ethically sourced family run mother-daughter business. We pride ourselves on customer service and attention. Our product sells itself because it works! We are excited to share it with you, GarlicWise has been operating for the past 20 years selling Alli-C and Alliderm and now we are adding Alli-gin a mixture of Allicin and ginger helping with inflammation and much more. We are growing and hope that you can assist this growth by sharing our product with your friends and family. Truthfully word of mouth has built this business.

About Alli-C

“Alli-C is strongly anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic. It has been scientifically proven in double-blind studies to reduce the number, severity, and duration of the common cold and it fights all types of diseases caused by harmful microbes. Allicin may help lower high blood pressure and high cholesterol, ease arthritic pain and swelling, and may be harmful to cancer cells. People and animals taking Allicin are less likely to be bitten by mosquitoes, fleas and ticks.”
Dr. Peter Josling Director of the Garlic Information Centre

For every referral, we give our customers 1 free 30 count bottle of Alli-C!

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